Stuart Mallard grew up in the Sussex countryside where his instinctive passion for animals and the great outdoors was developed.  There were always animals of one kind or another in his life and his interest in the canine world expanded quite naturally to include wildlife in general. 

The knowledge gained from breeding and exhibiting dogs was later put to good use as an international judge and could be drawn upon to understand the anatomy of his many subjects as his prowess as an artist expanded. Extensive judging trips have also given him the opportunity to study not only wildlife in its natural habitat but also appreciate the nuances of colour and textures that surround us as we travel through the far flung corners of the world.

Interest in his early career by an observant teacher encouraged him to pursue a career in art at the West Sussex College of Art (later to become part of the Sussex University). Positions in well known multi-national companies followed and culminated in his being head hunted by the well known Saatchi & Saatchi organisation.

His preferred medium is oils but many of the subjects he undertakes also lend themselves to pastels and watercolour, media in which he is also very proficient.

Nowadays he considers himself very fortunate that he is very much in demand to work on commissions not only of top winning show dogs but also his deep love of wildlife.  His work is avidly collected by enthusiasts around the world. As he travels around his attention is frequently drawn, not only to local wildlife, but the natural landscapes and beautiful buildings that are nestled amongst them.  He tries very hard to make time to paint for himself thus keeping his interest alive and these works are regularly on view at his annual exhibition. Other recent exhibitions have included an invitation to feature some of his work at the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation gallery in Surrey.

 “Simply Fine” Art operated by Rodney Oldham, has become firmly established as a leading publisher of high quality Limited Edition Prints from Stuart’s original paintings.

All prints are genuine limited editions, individually signed, numbered and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

Many dog breeds have been featured to date, several have already sold out or are close to being so, new breeds will be added on an ongoing basis so don’t forget to check here regularly!  It will also be noticed that our canine prints are not solely confined to the best-known dog breeds and minority breeds are frequently included.

Prints make great gifts and can be shipped almost anywhere in the world..............

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